I offer anything from solo performing all the way up to a full band.

I can also provide a full array of music for an entire day; including your ceremony, reception, first dance, background playlists through the PA, full band perfomance and use of microphones and PA for any speeches.

Feel free to discover more about each option below and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have your own ideas about what you want from me at your event.


Suitable for background music and light entertainment during a drinks reception or dinner. Popular for the more chilled out part of the day or evening.


Still popular for the more chilled out parts of the day or evening, but with another musician to add an extra something to the entertainment.


Great for a more lively event whilst still keeping an acoustic vibe. Popular with those who want have a DJ or full band going on after the acoustic entertainment.


The big one! This is where me and the band give you our all out show! Lively and keeping the dance floor full and those feet stomping all night long!


I was being asked to do this so much, I decided to put it on here so you know it's an option.

I can offer any mix of solo, duo, trio or band and supply a PA system for speeches and play music for you throughout the whole day. Whatever you need, I can most likely do!

Basically, all your music and audio is completely sorted from start to finish!